Diane Woods


Diane Woods is the vice president of D.J. Woods Productions Inc, one of Toronto’s busiest film and video equipment suppliers and specialists in High Definition productions. Diane is a partner in aquaCULTURE Pictures Inc, and has produced and executive produced several television projects, including National Geographic Channel’s Ancient Sea Gardens: Mystery of the Pacific Northwest, the poignant story of an elder who reveals the secret behind a natural mystery plaguing a BC scientist.

Diane is currently producing her next documentary Smoke From His Fire, the story of an aboriginal boy who was pulled from contemporary life to be raised by elders so he could take on the knowledge of his people. Now, at 75, Chief Adam Dick is struggling to pass on the Kwak’wala traditions, stories, songs and dances to a new generation of Aboriginal People.

Aaron Szimanski

Director/Camera Operator

Aaron is a partner in aquaCULTURE Pictures Inc. and is the primary Director/Cameraperson. He graduated from Sheridan College’s Media Arts Program in 1995.

A specialist in High Definition, Aerial and Underwater cinematography, Aaron has worked in the film industry for more than a decade. Aaron's directing credits include several aboriginal themed projects including National Geographic Channel’s Ancient Sea Gardens: Mystery of the Pacific Northwest as well as two HD productions for Parks Canada (Bruce Peninsula and Gros Morne). Aaron is currently at work on an APTN documentary entitled Smoke from His Fire.

Julia Blua


Julia Blua is a talented and experienced creative editor working on all of aquaCULTURE Pictures and Video Support Services flagship productions. Chosen for her outstanding creative ability, Julia coaxes extraordinary stories out of the wealth of footage that comes to her Final Cut Pro system.

Julia developed her editing and story creation finesse initially from a Fine Arts degree from the University of Buenos Aires followed by a Digital Post Production diploma from the Trebas Institute of Toronto. Since then Julia has worked her way up through the post production ranks to her present standing as an award-winning editor and coveted team member of Video Support Services. Julia is the lead editor on VSS’ Parks Canada and Museum HD visitor centre videos.

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aquaCULTURE Pictures Inc.’s principal place of business has been in Toronto, Ontario since it was established in November 2004. aquaCULTURE Pictures Inc. works in conjunction with David J. Woods Productions Inc. and Video Support Services Inc. DJ Woods is an industry leader in the rental business; Video Support Services is a high end corporate video production company; and aquaCULTURE Pictures produces High Definition science and cultural television themed productions. The group of companies has 15 000 square of production and post production facilities. Complete address information is as follows:

VSS is a full-service video production house, providing complete services for video productions for corporate and government clients and commercials for the past seven years. VSS operates in conjunction with DJ Woods, a full video support equipment rental and production house for feature films, television shows and commercials, and aquaCULTURE Pictures, a producer of HD broadcast productions, specializing in documentaries.

Bearing Up With Cancer is a one-hour documentary that brings to life Dr. Annie Smith’s remarkable book of the same name. In a compelling blend of verite, interview and animation, the documentary Bearing Up With Cancer offers a unique portrayal of living with cancer that defies conventional perspective. It provides a rare opportunity to consider the impact of this pervasive disease in a safe and candid manner; humorous, touching, yet unflinching.

Jungle Jane is on the loose! With a paddle in one hand and a cookbook in the other, Jane Hamilton is off around the world to find great paddling adventures and exquisite dining. Jane marries her two passions of food and adventure tripping into a seamless adventure travel and cooking show by indulging in her both her loves in any part of the world she goes.

In June of 2004, naturalist Steve Patterson unleashed a firestorm of bureaucracy in its most inept, mind-numbing form when he travelled to the United States to purchase a flying squirrel for his wildlife education program. Ten days after Sabrina’s arrival, Steve was served with deportation papers from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. A bizarre legal battle ensued that threatened to bankrupt Steve and have Sabrina, now bonded to Steve, deported back to the U.S.

An aboriginal elder helps a scientist solve a natural mystery and in the process reveals the precarious state of traditional aboriginal culture. Shot in High Definition in British Columbia’s Broughton Archipelago, this stirring story will change the way we view our land and its people.